Collaborative Installations Archive


Generator : HEX / Dianne Harris / Miles Visman

GOMA - Glasgow

In 1996 Hex were asked to contribute an installation to the Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art. The piece, called 'Generator' was installed in the Fire Gallery along with a number of interactive art pieces.

Generator is an interactive installation which allows users to mix sound, video, text and graphics and make their own audio-visual mix. The technology is based on techniques used by DJs and VJs in clubs and live performance events.

The purpose of Generator is to show how technology can be used in an entertaining and creative way and how random combinations of media can produce an interesting audio-visual collage. Generator is designed for 2 to 4 players and about 10 spectators. It runs off 2 PC computers and an Acorn Archimedes. The piece was conceived and designed by Robert Pepperell in collaboration with Dianne Harris and computer coding done by Miles Visman.


Synopticon : Robert Pepperell / Miles Visman / Dianne Harris / Coldcut / Stuart Warren-Hill

Barbican 1996

As part of the JAM exhibition of Style, Music and Media at the Barbican Art Gallery, London in 1996 Hex were commissioned to produce an interactive audio visual piece called 'Synopticon'.

Synopticon was conceived by Robert Pepperell as a digital culture synthesiser in which the user can 'remix' sounds, images, text and music in a partially random, partially controlled way. Audiovisual material was stored on a computer in 6 categories: Sport, Art, Sex, Technology, Nature and Ideas. The media was sequenced in random order by the computer and the user influenced the choice and arrangement of clips by pressing one of 6 buttons on a console. At the same time a musical backdrop was generated by randomly accessing and sequencing a large libary of sounds.

Concept : Robert Pepperell
Coding : Miles Visman
Console Design : Dianne Harris
Commissioned by: Barbican Gallery
Additional material : Coldcut / Stuart Warren-Hill