Dianne Harris takes a technological approach to exploring the unseen realms of existence. By merging seemingly divergent fields of perception, such as science, philosophy, mythology and psychology, her work aims to heighten the awareness of human potentiality and question the self-imposed limitations that serve to confine the very nature of our ideas, thoughts and being.

Using multi-dimensional media, sculpture and installation, Harris combines reality with non-reality. Beyond the specifics of time or place, her work simultaneously references the past, present and future to explore states of harmony, discordance, disappearance, re-emergence and the vibration of matter.

--Jasia Reichardt

Dianne Harris is an international new media Artist and founding director and curator of Kinetica Museum. Dianne has exhibited nationally and internationally over the past 20 years, her work is collected privately and commissioned and has been included in the temporary & permanent collections of Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art, Science Museum London, Taipai National Museum of Science Taiwan, Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology Cambridge, Kinetica Museum, Canary Wharf, FSA Collection, George Iacobescu Collection, Millennium Dome, British Council and in many galleries throughout UK, Europe and America. She has curated over 20 large-scale 'concept' exhibitions for Kinetica from 2006 - 2017 including the annual Kinetica Museum feature exhibitions at Kinetica Art Fair (2009 - 2014). In 2003 - 2004, Dianne opened a gallery in Westbourne Studios 'The Luminaries' which was the first kinetic and interactive gallery space in London which became the forerunner to Kinetica. Dianne met Tony Langford there and together they formed Kinetica. Dianne has collaborated on many installations and new commissions with artists, audiovisual and music groups including; Hex, Hexstatic, Coldcut, Future Sound of London, Amorphous Androgynous and more recently with Holotronica, Paul Friedlander and Kimatica Studio. In 1991 when Dianne was at St Martins School of Art she and Matthew Slotover co-founded Frieze magazine.

Philips Lighting. The British Council. Atohaus Plastics UK. Countour Colour. Habitat. Marl International Ltd. Holt. Now 2000 Nottingham. Westbourne Studios. Workspace. Principal IT.

Wellcome Trust, Special Photographers Company, Photonica